How do I appoint an Official to a match in Schedula?

As a Schedula administrator, one of your most important tools is the ability to manually appoint your officials to matches. This process ensures that each match in your league's fixture has sufficient official resourcing, allows you to report on and track the appointment history of individual officials, and triggers appointment notifications to officials based on your organisation's Schedula configuration.

To appoint an official to a match in Schedula:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Manual Appointments, then select one of the following options:

  • Appoint by Competition: Search for matches to appoint officials by competition
  • Appoint by Week: Search for matches to appoint officials by a specific week within a season
  • Appoint by Ground: Search for matches to appoint officials by a specific ground/venue
  • Appoint by Matrix: Appoint officials on a visual matrix of matches and venues

2. When you've found a match, click APPOINTMENTS to appoint an official to that match

3. Filter the officials by Panel and Appointment type; you can also choose to only show officials that have made themselves available on the match date

4. Use the APPOINT button to appoint an official to the match

5. Click SAVE & CLOSE once you're happy with your appointments for the match

Appointed officials will then receive a notification advising they have been appointed to the match:

Administrators will also receive an email if the official declines the appointment: