Registrations: Copying products

When preparing for a new season, you should either create a new product or copy an existing product (and make relevant changes to the copy). 

Do not edit the existing product or you will not be able to generate accurate reports for each season.Please follow these simple steps to copy a product.

This is editable at Club and Association level.

1. Hover over Registrations and click 'Products'.

2. Identify the product you wish to copy and click 'Copy'. 

4. Once successfully copied you should see the below screen. 

5. Ensure that you edit the product and change the name. Once copied, the copied product will appear with the word copy after it. Click the magnifying glass next to the product to edit it. 

6. Change the name and any other details that need updating. 

Please note: It is recommend to archive the old product to eliminate confusion . 

This is done by clicking the 'Archive Product' box within the Details tab of a product.