How do I add new Pay Rates in Schedula?

Schedula allows administrators to define customise Pay Rates to allow the system to calculate how much an official is owed when appointed to a match. Pay Rates are based on a number of variables including the competition, official type, and number of officials appointed to a single match, allowing your payment processing algorithm the flexibility needed to generate accurate bank files and payment reports.

To create a new Pay Rate in Schedula:

1. From the left-hand Schedula menu, select Schedula Settings > MANAGE PAY RATES

2. Select your Organisation and Season, then click MANAGE PAY RATES

3. Find the relevant competition in the list provided, then click ADD NEW RATE

4. Fill in the below information

  • Appointment Type: Choose which type of official the rate will apply to
  • Rule: Choose how many officials need to be allocated to a single match for this rate to take effect
  • Pay Official: Enter the amount to pay the official for this rate
  • Charge Club: Enter the amount to charge the club for this rate
  • Effective Date: Enter the date at which the pay rate will start to take effect
  • Item Code: Enter a unique code for the rate. This is used to match your item codes when importing payment data to MYOB


Any officials who are appointed and complete a match within this competition - and whom qualify under the parameters you entered - will have their owed amounts generated in your payment reports based on this rate.