How do I define clearance reason/denial options?

If your organisation will have specific reasons why members can be approved and denied for clearances then you can set these up, so they can be selected when approving and denying clearances. Some reasons can be:

  • player has moved interstate
  • player has outstanding fees needing to be paid first
  • too many players for age group
  • not enough players for age group
  • family changes

NOTE: only associations can set up these approval/denial reasons.

1. From the Association level of Membership, select the Settings icon from the top right hand corner, then click SETTINGS.

2. Click on MANAGE LOOKUP INFORMATION (under Configure Database Fields).

3. Scroll to find REASON FOR CLEARANCE (which is approval) REASON FOR DENIAL.

If filling out both repeat this process one at a time, otherwise the below can be applied to whatever one you are inputting.

4. Click on the name of the field.

5. A screen will display that will have nothing listed. Click ADD NEW OPTION to add a new reason.

6. Input a reason for the denial or clearance (whichever one you have chosen). Click UPDATE.

7. Repeat for any other reasons needed. These will appear in a list and you can drap and drop the reasons depending on where you want them in this list.

The reasons for clearance will appear on the 'Request a Clearance' screen and the reasons for denial will appear on the 'Approve/ Deny a Clearance' screen.