How do I hide a member record from public display?

Hide member from public display

Club and league administrators now have the ability to mark members to be hidden from the public Gameday websites. 

Note: this field is configured at league/association level from which the league can choose a setting for this field for clubs. If you are a club and cannot see this field please contact your league to get it enabled.

1. Log into the league/association database

2. Settings cog > settings

3. Select field configuration 

4. Under the member fields tab, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the hide from public display field 

The admin then has the ability to set this field how they would like and if they would like clubs to be able to do this for members as well.

We recommend that leagues set this field to editable.

- For my level - this is for your association level 

- For levels below - this is for the club level - if this option is set to editable this will allow clubs themselves to be able to tick/untick this checkbox if a member ever comes to them and asks to be removed from the website- it saves the association having to do it. However if you would only like your level (league/association) to be able to add/remove people from the website keep this field set to let levels below choose.

5. Click save once you have selected your option

To see this field within a members profile:

6. Members > list members

7. Click into the relevant member

8. Contact details > edit

9. Click on other fields and then the hide from public display field should be visible.

10. Tick this box and then on the next publish to web the member will be removed from the website.

To unhide a member from the website, untick this box and then do a publish to web.

Note: if this box is ticked, the association will need to publish to web first in order for this member to be removed from the website, so if you are a club, please contact the league directly.