Communications | FAQs

Why are some members not receiving emails?

Some members may not be recieiving emails due to a few reasons.

  • You chose ''secondary purpose'' when sending a message - if so then this means these members have ''opted out'' to recieve these types of emails so won't get it. Primary purpose emails are the only ones that will send to all members regardless of whether they opted in or out of emails.
  • There was an error when sending the email from our side- check the sent messages section to see if any errors are listed.
  • There is an error on the email recipients side - the email could be in their spam/junk folder, so get them to check that. Also, sometimes specific emails account (mainly the unique domains, like school, work or government emails, e.g, etc) have our emails on a ''black list'' which means they won't get any emails from our domain, so they will need to speak to their email account provider regarding this (Gameday cannot assist here).

Why is the email received by members displayed as ''donotreply''?

This is due to our updated privacy and security of our platform, as well as testing done within communicator.  This has been done in order to assist with the receiving method of mail, in instances prior to now there had been a number of emails that had marked as sent, with recipients still not receiving it, most commonly due to the variety of sender variations set by different organisations. The testing undertaken by Gameday proved to show substantial success rates of emails being received by recipients by uniquely identifying our one email address. 

As an admin or club/association/state's email is listed on the ''reply to email address'' within the profile settings of communicator, if a member was to reply to the email, this will be send directly to the email listed, and not our ''donotreply''. 

Why can I not select another option other than email as a communication method?

If you only have the email option listed, with the other options greyed out, this will mean that you have not added in your SMS account details and will need to do so before hand.

Can members opt out of emails?

If you send a message via a primary purpose, or a member or team renewal email, members do not have the ability to opt out of these types of emails, as these are vital to the organisation and are emails that contain information that everyone within your club/group needs to be aware of. If you send a message via a secondary purpose, members have the ability to opt out of these are these types are just information that isn't vital for them to know about your organisation. 

How do I stop members from receiving emails?

If members want to stop recieving emails from your organisation, if you send a message via a primary purpose, team or member renewal email they cannot opt out of these. However if you send a message via a secondary purpose, members have the ability to opt out of these within the email itself on their end.

If members want to be removed completely from mailing lists (as they have left the organisation, etc), you will need to remove their email address from their/ their children's profiles within your organisation database. Most profiles however have an email as a compulsory field, so you will need to set this to either the clubs email or a test email (e.g so the member no longer recieves emails.

If club/team admins are unable to edit the email addresses, please speak to your association/state body who can make this change or update the permissions for you to do so.