Concussion Management | FAQs

I cannot see concussions listed for members, how do I enable this?

Concussion recording and reporting is a national body configuration that needs to be enabled, so if you are a club or association that would like concussion enabled, please speak to your state or national body directly as they will need to approve for this to be enabled across the sport.

If you are a private provider and don't fall under a national heirarchy and you cannot see this, please email our support team and we can check the realm you are listed under and get this enabled for you.

How do I add a concussion record for a member?

Concussion records can be added two ways for members:

Can more than one concussion record be listed for a member, including historical ones?

Yes, you can add as many concussion records as you need to against the member, including those that have been in the past if you would like to just keep a generic record of this somewhere. 

In regards to adding historical concussion records:

  • If your organisation is new to the Passport system and is using competitions for the first time, you can only add this record manually via the member profile. Just leave the competition details blank and fill in the rest of the information.
  • If your organisation has been using our system for a few years and have had previous competitions run, it will be best to add this manually, as games have already been played. You can select the relevant team/competition from the list under competition details (current season comps will show first) and input the relevant information.

Once a concussion record has been input against a member, can the member still be selected for games?

No. As long as the concussion start and end date fields have been entered, then the member cannot be selected within pre-game for those games within that period of time - they will appear off to the right hand side of pre-game, similar to suspended players.

Can I report on concussion entries?

Yes, you can report on concussion entries against members. You can run an ADVANCED CONCUSSION REPORT to get this information.