GameDay Passport New vs Old Layout Comparison

GameDay has introduced a new layout for our market-leading software GameDay Passport as part of our product refresh to align our products to our new brand. This change does not affect the current functionality of any of the admin processes, admins will just be accessing these sections a little differently.

The following article outlines the major before and after differences with the new user interface (UI) within some of the sections throughout the database - the overall layout will remain for those sections that are pretty similar.


Here admins will notice that the old layout had the menu on the top, while the new layout has the menu is now accessible via the left hand side of the page and the search bar has moved further to the left in the new layout.

When using the menus, the old layout admins used to hover to see the sub-menus within that section, now you click the drop down arrow against the menu to see the sub-menus.


Contact information changes

Locator changes- the old locator which had it's own icon, has now been moved to the DETAILS section of the home dashboard.


The sections where lists are displayed, like members lists, competition lists, team lists etc are displayed more slimlined in the new layout.


The member profile has a new slimlined layout, where in the old view the profile menu items were along the top and are now along the left hand side as well with the document section moving across to the right hand side.

Editing information in member profiles also looks a little different.


The registration form list and edit function of forms is less bulky.