QR Code Attendance Tracking | FAQs

Are QR codes season based?

No, QR Codes for members are ‘lifelong’ codes that can be used across any season.

What browser is recommended for QR code scanning?

We recommend using Google Chrome across our system as it is the most stable of all browsers, Firefox and Safari are also supported for both desktop and mobile operating systems.

Why won’t my browser allow access to the camera to scan QR Codes?

In this scenario, your browser has not allowed access for GameDay Passport to use the camera, so you will need to enable this before scanning QR Codes.

Can a single QR Code be used across multiple sports for the same member?

No, each individual sport has a unique Member Profile Portal and therefore unique QR Codes are assigned to each instance of the member if they have a GameDay Passport record in multiple sports. More information on sport-based Member Profile Portals can be found here.

How do I find my QR Code?

QR Codes can be found within your sport’s Member Profile Portal by logging in and selecting View QR Code on your member dashboard.

Can I manually mark the attendance of a member in pre-game if the player does not have their QR Code available?

If a player is unable to scan their QR Code, administrators can also manually tick the ‘check in’ option next to that specific member in the Pre Game Match Results section of GameDay Passport.

Can QR Codes be used to check in officials and coaches?

No, currently the functionality only allows players to be checked into matches.

Can I report on player attendance?

Yes, player attendance is recorded within the members profile within their Statistics page and can be found within the Match Players or Player Competition Stats report.