How do I copy Official Allocation Configurations?

Rather than set up separate Umpire Configurations for each of the competitions in an association you also have the option of copying the configurations from one to another. This means one competition needs to be configured manually but once this done you can copy across this configuration to all the other competitions if they all use the same umpire types and payment schemes.  

Please note: As the terms Referee and Umpire differ from sport to sport, for this example the term will be Match Official. The screen shots will show the Referee examples. 

To copy an Umpire Configuration to another competition:      

1. Click on the Umpire/Referee/Match Official Allocations option from the top menu  


2. Click on the Configuration tab      

3. Select the competition from the drop down box that you would like to configure. This will be the competition you wish to carry across previous configurations to.      

4. Select the competition from the down down box that you would like to copy the configurations from. This will be the competition that you have previously set up/configured.  

5. Click Copy Umpire/Referee/Match Official  Allocation to copy configurations from the selected Competition      

6. Click OK to complete the Copy Umpire/Referee/Match Official Allocation process