Live Scoring | Overview

Live Scoring is an online tool that allows administrators to record scores in real-time while at the game via their mobile phone or tablet. It allows live scores to be published on your GameDay Passport website, including play-by-play scores and statistics for each team and player.

Note: Live Scoring is not available to all sports - please contact your national governing body or submit a request here if you would like to explore live scoring for your sport.

To enter results using Live Scoring:

1. Login to your Passport account and select RESULTS ENTRY & LIVE SCORING

2. Find the match you want to enter results for, then click AT GAME

You will now see a set of functionality allowing you to enter results and statistics in real time:

1. Game Clock: Clock indicating how much time has elapsed in the period.

2. Game Actions: A log of each player or team action logged in the match.

3. Start/End Period: Starts and ends each period as needed.

4. Team Scores: Total cumulative score for the match. Automatically updates when a team scoring action is entered (I.e. Goal/Behind).

5. Add Player Action: Allows you to add actions from the Player Match Stats Template to individual players.

6. Start Game Clock: Triggers the Game Clock to begin.

7. Add Team Scores: Allows you to add any team scores which automatically contribute to the overall score.

8. Player List: A list of players that have been selected for the match. Player Actions can also be entered here for each individual.

Note: To ensure your Live Scoring interface is set up with the most relevant statistics and scoring options, please ensure you have created and assigned your Team Match Statistics and Player Match Statistics templates to this competition.