How do I download my Registration Form QR Code?

With GameDay Passport's Download QR Code functionality, administrators can download a QR Code directly from the Registration Forms page to provide to members with a digital link to a specific Registration Form.

This is designed to give members a quick and easy way to access Registration Forms through their mobile device and offers the flexibility to scan the QR Code as a printed copy, include the QR Code in communications, or scan it directly through GameDay Passport.

Downloading a QR Code for Registration Forms

1. In the left-hand menu, open the Registrations menu and click REGISTRATION FORMS.

2. Find the Registration Form for which you want to generate a QR Code, then click DOWNLOAD QR CODE.

3. This will generate your QR Code as a download file on your browser. Open the downloaded file from your browser to see the QR Code.

Note: The location of your downloaded file will vary depending on your operating system.

Scanning this QR Code with your mobile device will automatically send you to your selected Registration Form, making it an extremely useful tool that you can print out, make available and circulate to your members and prospective registrants at your events, or include directly in your communications!