Organisation Dashboard | Overview

In GameDay Passport, each organisation has access to its own Dashboard, which summarises the organisation details and contacts and provides high-level insight reports to summarise the member data stored in the database.

Upon logging into your organisation, you will automatically land on the Dashboard, however you can get back to this page at any time by clicking the DASHBOARD option in the left-hand menu:

Dashboard Features

Your Organisation Dashboard offers a number of different features, including:

1. Organisation Logo: Shows your current Organisation Logo, including the ability to add or edit a logo.

2. Organisation Details: Shows your current Organisation Details including contact details and address, and allows you to edit your organisation's details.

3. Organisation Contacts: Shows your organisation's contacts including their name, role, email address and mobile number, and allows you to edit existing contacts or add new contacts to your database.

4. Stats: Shows a series of statistical insights summarising your member data through various metrics, and allows you to show or hide certain widgets using the Configure option.

NOTE: the stats graphs update the first of every month.

For more information on processes relevant to the Organisation Dashboard, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.