GameDay Chargeback Process

Chargebacks are a demand by a customer's financial institution, bank, or PayPal for a retailer to reimburse for the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction raised by the card holder.

Commonly, the customer does not recognise the soft descriptor on their statement, or they don’t remember what the payment is for.

As the merchant provider, Gameday is contacted directly by the customer's financial institution regarding chargebacks.

GameDay's chargeback process is as follows:

  • The customer contacts their bank or PayPal and disputes a transaction record

  • The financial institution opens up an investigation and contacts the merchant who processed the order (Gameday)

  • Gameday finance will contact the client and the customer the disputed transaction details

  • The client are to also contact the customer directly and verify that the payment is legitimate, advising the customer to contact their bank and cancel or resolve the dispute 


  • The customer contacts their bank or PayPal and cancels the dispute

  • The client should then also contact Gameday finance to advise that the dispute has been resolved


  • The financial institution deducts the funds from the merchant (Gameday)

  • The financial institution credits the customer's account for the transaction

  • Gameday's finance team contacts the club or association individually with an invoice for the funds of the transaction

  • All chargeback transactions are at the expense of the club or association that received the transaction payment from Gameday

Please note:

  • Customers have up to 4 months to raise a disputed or fraudulent transaction claim with their financial institution

  • Once confirmed as fraud, it can take the bank another 2 months to process the order as fraud and deduct the funds from the merchant account (Gameday) 

  • Gameday does not add any additional margins to this invoice; it is simply the transaction fee deducted and the bank/paypal chargeback fees

  • As soon as the bank confirms the order as fraud and the funds are withdrawn, Gameday will notify all clients immediately.

If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly for more information. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at