How do I manually add a payment to a member's record?

Manually add a Payment Record  

Associations and clubs that use an online payment gateway to receive payments (for player/ team registrations, merchandise sales, etc) do not need to manually record any transaction or payment details - the SportsTG Registrations system does this automatically. However, if a member or team has registered or purchased something but has not submitted payment through the online payment gateway (e.g. they have instead paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer or EFTPOS) the payment details can be manually added to their member/ team record.  

This ability is turned on at Association level. If you are a club and you do not have the option, contact your association. 

The process for adding payment records against members and teams is the same. The below instructions take you through recording a member payment. To record a team payment, navigate to a team record and complete the same process as below.  

To manually record a payment:  

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

1. Click on Members in the menu and select List Members.  

2. Click on the View Record  button next to the name of the member to open their record.

 3. The member's 'dashboard' will appear. Click on Transactions in the menu. 



A. Click on Add Transaction.

B. Select the product in which this member is paying for.

- If a member had already paid for this product via bank transfer or cash, feel free to input a note mentioning this so an admins that view this know.

C. Click update transaction- a message will now appear confirming this transaction has been added to their record.

D. Click return to transactions.

- The status of this transaction will currently be unpaid, in which you can delete or pay for this product.

E. Click the checkbox under the PAY heading.


A. Find the transaction that is sitting as UNPAID.

B. Click the checkbox under the PAY heading.

4. This will open up the options to pay via credit card online or to submit a manual payment. Select one of these options.

- If they are paying online via credit card/Paypal, please sure you have their credit card/Paypal information handy so you can input this information.

- Click on the pay online via online credit card gateway.

- Confirm the details of the payment to make sure the product is correct - the proceed to payment button should appear within a few seconds - if it does not, click anywhere on the page and the green button should appear, once it appears click proceed to payment.

- Input the credit card information and follow the prompts. If paying via Paypal, click the Paypal button and follow the prompts.

- If they have already paid manually via cash, bank transfer etc, you can manually mark this as paid instead.

If paying via this pay a list of fields display for you to fill out- you don't need to fill out all these fields, just the ones that are relevant for how this member has paid. The main fields needing to have information are:

  • Amount
  • Date paid
  • Payment type

All other fields can be filled in or left blank - entirely up to you. Information on the other fields are below:

  • Amount: the total amount of the payment 
  • Date Paid: the date payment was received 
  • Payment Type: select the method of payment used from the drop-down options 
  • Bank: Enter the bank name, if applicable BSB: Enter the bank's BSB, if applicable 
  • Account name: Enter the member's bank account name, if applicable
  • Account Number: Enter the member's bank account number, if applicable 
  • Response Code: your bank may have provided a response code for the payment, which you can enter here 
  • Response Text: your bank may have provided some response text for the payment, which you can enter here 
  • Receipt Reference: If you have provided the member with a receipt, you can record the receipt number here 
  • Comments: Any additional comments/ notes about the payment    

- Click on Submit Manual Payment. 

- A confirmation screen will appear asking you to confirm the details for this payment - if all is correct click CONFIRM PAYMENT.

- The transaction has now been updated and if you click return to transactions you will see that this product has now been paid for.