How do I view an Official's Schedula record?

As a Schedula administrator, you can access any officials that have registered in your Passport database and fed through to Schedula. This allows you to view any information the official has provided, including their general details, contact details, availability, attributes and more. It also allows you to perform relevant functions, including updating availability, changing details manually, resetting admin passwords and more.

To view an official record in Schedula:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Official List Administration > SEARCH OFFICIAL LIST

2. Enter in some search criteria, then click SEARCH

3. Click the OFFICIAL NAME to access their Schedula profile

4. On the Official record, you can see:

  • Profile: This includes general information such as the official's name and date of birth, address and contact details, account details and active or expired memberships
  • Attributes: This includes any custom Attributes that the official has added to their record, such as a nominated bank account, occupation, medical conditions and accreditations
  • Availability: This includes the general and specific availability specified by the official, which is used when allocating appointments
  • Appointments: This includes any appointments given to the official, including the competition, round, date and location of the appointment
  • Payments: Allows you to view and add any payment adjustments to the official's record