Registration FAQ's - For Participants

Accessing the Registration Form

Where do I find the Registration Form?

To access a Passport Registration From you will need to obtain a Registration Form URL from your Club/League. An example of a Registration Form URL is:

Clubs often house their Registration Form on their GameDay Website. If you are unable to find your Registration Form please contact your Club/League directly.

How do I access a Registration Form?

Depending on your sport and playing history, you may require a Username & Password OR Email Address to access a Registration Form.

If you are unable to access a form, please select “I would like to request my username and password”

If you are unable to request your Username and Password, this is likely a result of your current email address not matching your email address in your Club/League’s Membership Database.

Should this occur, please contact your Club/League directly to have them update your details, which will allow you to complete your Registration. 

Note – GameDay is not authorised to distribute or change Email or Username & Password information. This is the responsibility of your League/Club.

The system is telling me I need a clearance/transfer, what should I do?

Please contact your Club/League directly if the system indicates a Clearance/Transfer is required. Your Club/League will be able to guide you through this process.

Filling out a Registration Form

I am unable to see a Product on a Registration Form?

If you are unable to see a Product on a Registration Form, this may be due to your Club/League not offering Online Payments.

A further cause could be that a filter applied to a Product is preventing visibility of a Product e.g. Age, Member Type.

Please contact your Club/League directly if you are unable to see a Product on your Registration Form.

Why is my Product already pre-selected for me?

If your Product is pre-selected for you, this indicates your Club/League has marked the Product as Mandatory.

Please note that your Club/League may also be using Compulsory Payments, meaning you will have to purchase your product in order to complete your Registration. 

The Registration Form is not allowing me to move to the next stage

This is likely due to a Compulsory question that has not been answered and/or a product not being selected. Please ensure you have answered all questions marked with an asterix.

How do I pay using a Voucher?

There is a capability to pay using either the NSW or South Australian Vouchers. More information is available in the following articles:

NSW Vouchers - Registration Process
SA Vouchers - registration Form Process

Payment Screen

What Online Payment options are available to me?

If your Club/League has signed up to receive Online Payments, you will be able to pay your Registration Fees using your Credit or Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard).

Depending on your sport, you may be also able to pay using PoliPay.

Please contact your Club/League directly if you do not have the option to pay your registration fees online.

I have selected the Pay Now button, what should I do next?

It is important that once you have selected the Pay Now option, you allow the payment to be processed. Please allow time for the system to confirm your payment.

Note – Please do not Refresh, or select the Back button during the payment process. Doing so may cause the system to process an additional or duplicate payment. If you have had an additional or duplicate payment taken from your card, please contact your Club/League. 

If you are using a mobile/tablet to make payment, please keep the payment screen tab open to enable the payment to be processed. Once the payment has been successfully completed, please close the tab. 

Post Registration

My payment has been processed, what happens next?

Depending on your sport and clubs circumstances, your registration may require approval by your club/league administrator before your registration is accepted.

You should have received a confirmation email from your Club/League containing instructions. Please contact your Club/League if you have not received this email.

You may have also received Username/Password/Email Sign In instructions from GameDay. Please retain this for next season, when you will use these details to register again.

My personal circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to play this season, what should I do?

If you are no longer able to fulfill your playing commitments, please contact your League/Club who will be able to clarify your Registration and Payment status as well as handle any refunds that may be applicable. 

After registering, I have had a $1.00 transaction come out of my account and I am unsure what it is for?

Our payment gateway verifies a new credit card by running either a $0 or $1 authorisation and then automatically voiding it. For most processors and card brands, transactions are initially tried with a $0 authorisation. If $0 authorisations are not supported, a $1 authorisation will be performed automatically.

In any instance where a $1.00 authorisation returns a successful result, we immediately follow up with an automatic void request to ensure that the transaction does not settle and that it disappears from the cardholder's statement as soon as possible.

Note: Some banks don't recognise void requests immediately. It's possible that after the void is issued, your customer will still see the pending charge. If this happens, have your customer call their bank; the bank should be able to see the void request and update your customer's bank statement accordingly.