Football: MiniRoos Program Fulfillment

MiniRoos Program Managers are now able to control when Fulfilment for Programs is to be processed.  

Fulfilment will only be calculated for Participants that register as new Members for a Program by selecting the option "I am registering to a MiniRoos Program for the first time".

When viewing the List of Programs for your Site, for Programs where fulfilment is required, a "Fulfill" button will now appear along with a count of the number of unfulfilled members for each Program.

To process Program Fulfilment, follow the below steps:  

1. Login to your MiniRoos Site  

2. Click on Programs > List Programs  

3. From this screen, you will notice 2 additional columns  

  • Number of Unfulfilled Members
  • Fulfill Members (Fulfill button will only appear if there are more than 1 Unfulfilled Members) 

4. Click on the "Fulfill" button to fulfill the Program  

This will add the number of Members for that Program to the daily fulfilment report that will be sent to the distribution warehouse for MiniRoos Participant Packs.  

This will reset the Number of Unfulfilled Members to "0" until any additional new Members register for that particular Program.