How do I add Teams to a Competition?

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

Once a competition has been set up, teams can be added to the competition. Then once teams are added, a fixture can be generated.  

There are two methods for adding teams into a competition:

  • Create new teams and add them directly into the competition
  • Move existing teams from a previous competition into the new season's competition 

These instructions will cover the first method - creating new teams and adding them to the competition.    

1. From the association or club level of Membership, click on Teams in the top menu.    

2. The list of teams in the association will appear. Click on Add in the top right corner.    

3. Enter the details in the fields provided, ensuring that you:  

- Select the club that the team belongs to (association only). If you have logged into Membership at club level, the team will be added to your club.  

- Enter the team name  

- Select the competition from the drop-down list that the team will participate in    

4. Click on Update Team. A message will appear confirming the successful creation of the new team.    

6. Repeat this process for each new team that will participate in the competition.  

To view the new team and the record of it's addition to the competition:  

1. Hover over Competitions and click List competitions.

2. Choose a specific competition. 

3. Click on Teams in the top menu and locate the new team on the Teams List. 

Note: For Pools Competitions, newly created Teams can be viewed/added to a Pool by selecting the Teams menu option, alongside the respective Pool (e.g. A,B,C,1,2,3) from within the Pools Competition Phase & Structure screen. 

2. Click on the view button next to the team.  

3. The Team's dashboard will open. At the bottom is the team's 'Competition History' where the competition the team has been assigned to will appear.      

If you have logged in at the association level of Membership, you can view the teams assigned to the competition by:  

Hovering over Competitions in the top menu and click List Competitions. Click on the view button next to the competition.    

The competition's 'dashboard' will open. Click on Teams in the top menu.    

The list of teams assigned to the competition will appear.