Active Kids vouchers

Getting set up to use the Active Kids vouchers

There is a two step process for getting your club/association set up to use the active kids vouchers within your registrations:

1. You first need to register your club/association as a provider with Service NSW, so please get in contact with them first to register. You will then be provided with a provider code - this will be an 8 digit code you receive when you set up with Service NSW.

2. Once Service NSW has provided you with your provider code, please submit a support request to our support team via who can get you set up on the system. Please include the following information:

  • Subject: Active Kids voucher set up
  • Full name of club and/or association/league
    • If you are a club please include the name of the association/league you are affiliated with- e.g Test Softball Club affiliated with Test Softball Association
  • Provider code, provided by Service NSW

Active Kids Vouchers FAQ's

How do we enable the option for the vouchers within the registration form?

The vouchers option will become active as long as there is at least one product with the membership product type on the form (set within the product itself). Vouchers can only be used for this type of product.

If someone forgets to apply their voucher on products they have already purchased is there another way they can claim this for the products?

Vouchers can only be claimed within the registration form. If a member has already paid for products and they would like to claim this voucher, the club/association can claim it alternatively through Services NSW, so contact them directly.

How are the funds from the claimed vouchers sent to the club/associations account?

GameDay do not directly send the claimed voucher funds to the clubs account. We gather information on all the claimed funds from the vouchers and then provide this to Service NSW, who will then distribute the funds to your club account so if you have any further questions regarding this please contact Service NSW directly. 

A member input a voucher number but was still required to pay, why is that?

If a member inputs their voucher and the member is still prompted to pay before completing the registration, this could be related to a few things:

1. The product itself is over $100 (which is the limit of the voucher) so the member will be required to pay for the rest of the registration fee. The member will need to pay for this product in order to complete the registration. The best way for the associatio/club to prevent this would be to create the registration fee to be $100 or under.

2. The member has selected other products, eg. some sort of merchandise, so although they have used the $100 for the registration fee they will be required to pay for the extra items in their cart.

Can I report on the vouchers used within the registration form?

Yes. You will need to run a transaction report (reports > finance > transactions) with the following fields:

  • Product
  • Payment For
  • Item Cost
  • Order Total
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Date
  • Voucher Code
  • Rebated Amount