How do I assign my Current and New Registration Seasons?

An Association can configure their database to automatically add a season record for each new member registration. This applies to both methods of registering a member:

  • Self-registration by the member through the online registration form
  • Manual registration by an administrator through the database

It is strongly recommended that you set a New Registration Season to assist in your member registration process.

Note: This is available at Association level only. If you are unable to change the season, you will need to contact your National Body or Association

To automatically assign a season for all new member registrations:

1. From your database dashboard, click on the Settings Cog icon and select SETTINGS

2. Under the Setup Registrations menu, click SEASONS

3. At the top of the screen are the Default Season Settings which give you the option of selecting a CURRENT Season and a NEW REGISTRATION Season.

Note: You will need at least one season set up in the database. For help with adding a season, click here

  • CURRENT Season: When viewing members, competitions, teams, etc. throughout the database, all season filters will be set to the default CURRENT Season
  • NEW REGISTRATION Season: All new members will be registered to the New Registration Season

4. Select a season from the drop-down menu under the applicable season setting

5. Click UPDATE

The season selected as the NEW REGISTRATION Season will be automatically assigned to each member added or registered to the database.

The season selected as the CURRENT Season will be applied as the default filter when viewing members, competitions, products or any other lists across the database.