Livestats FAQ's

How do I get set up to use Livestats/FIBA Livestats?

Livestats is owned by Genuis Sports but is integrated into GameDay Passport. Genuis Sports are involved in the inital set up so please contact them first, once this has been done we need to be sent the API key so we can set up the integration from our end. Information on this process can be found here.

They can be contacted via - request a demo

Can Livstats be used for other sports?

Livestats can be used for other sports, however the functionality is only set up to work for basketball associations within the GameDay Passport system. Please speak to Genuis Sports directly if you wish to use it for another sport.

What do I need to configure within my GameDay competitions?

Competitions themselves as well as teams and players need to be set up in order for your competitions and fixture information to be displayed within Livestats. Information on the set up can be found here.

Livestats is not displaying any GameDay information (e.g comps, players, teams)?

If livestats is not displaying competition information this may mean you have not correctly set up your competitions, teams and players. Please click here to double check the set up of these. If the GameDay side is set up correctly it may mean the livestats warehouse itself is not displaying this information for whatever reason so please speak to your Genuis Sport contact as this may be a feed issue.

Although GameDay do feed information through- this information is fed through every 5 - 10 minutues - as we have no control and access of what displays within the livestats datawarehouse side we cannot be of assistance here as Genuis own this product and it will most likely be an issue on their side.

Livestats is not publishing live results and statistics?

If livestats is not publishing any fixtures and results:

  • If the information is not displaying within the livestats match centre itself, you will need to speak to Genuis Sports directly as they will need to take a look.
    • The livestats match centre/website will be something like:
  • If the information is not displaying within our GameDay website match centre, make sure that the game has synced back through to our database - you can check this within MATCH RESULTS. If the match is displaying: then it may mean you have not recently published this to display. If the match is not displaying then it means that the livestats warehouse has not synced this information back through so please speak to them to get them to do a manual sync.
    • We recommend making sure you set up regular scheduled publish to webs to ensure this information is displayed - publishes can take up to 15 minutes to display changes. If you have recently published to web and it has still not updated the match centre please send an email through to support who can take closer look.
      • The gameday match centre/website will be something like: