Courtside App | Overview

What is Courtside?

Courtside is our industry-leading live scoring mobile app for Basketball users that comes fully integrated with the GameDay Passport competitions platform. Courtside's features include:

  • Live Score all in-game actions from three-pointers to fouls
  • Collect a full set of player in game statistics
  • Direct integration with GameDay Passport Competitions & Tournaments
  • Keep control with unique Official access keys for final sign-off of results
  • Offline and online scoring so that games can always be scored
  • Complete resource centre available for support
  • Built for Tablet devices

How to download Courtside

Courtside is available to download on tablet and mobile devices through:

Logging into Courtside

Courtside requires that you have a GameDay Passport database with a Setup Key and Venue ID, is this determines which court is being used, and which players, statistics and results are available to be used in Courtside.

If you are unsure whether your sport uses GameDay Passport for managing competitions, please contact your state or national governing body, or if you are interested in learning more about GameDay Passport for your competitions, contact us here

When you open Courtside, you will need to enter a Court ID and Setup ID

Your Court ID can be found in your GameDay Passport database by following the steps below:

Login to your Association's GameDay Passport database, then in the left-hand menu, select Competitions > VENUES

VIEW the relevant venue using the magnifying glass icon

The VENUE ID at the top of the page will be used as your Court ID

Your Setup Key can be found in your GameDay Passport database by following the steps below:

Login to your Association's GameDay Passport database, then click EDIT on the dashboard Details section

Scroll down to the COURTSIDE SETUP KEY field

Courtside Match List

On the Courtside landing page, you will see a list of matches scheduled for today at this venue. You can access the scoring and player list for a match by tapping it

Player List Selection

On the next screen, you can select which players are participating in the match for each team, and assign each player a jersey number

1. Team List: Displays all players from your association that are eligible to participate for this team. Use the + button to select a player for this team

2. Playing In This Game: Displays the players you currently have selected in the team for this match. Use the - button to remove an individual from the playing list

3. Coach: If applicable, any assigned coaches will appear here

4. Refresh Team List: Allows you to refresh the available players in the team list

5. Find Members: Allows you to manually search the team list for eligible members

6. Team Colours: Allows you to edit the team's colour scheme

7. Switch Team: Allows you to toggle between the team lists for the two teams participating in the match

Scoring a Match

You're now ready to score the match using the features available on the scoring page

1. Start Clock: Starts the match clock for the applicable period

2. Edit Clock: Allows you to manually adjust the time remaining on the clock or reset it back to the beginning of the period

3. Referee Actions: Record various referee actions including:

  • Confirm Game
  • Record an Injury
  • Record an Incident
  • Forfeit

4. Time Remaining: Denotes the time remaining on the clock for the current period

5. Match Score: Denotes the current score of the match

6. Team Fouls/Timeouts: Denotes the remaining fouls and timeouts for each team in the current period

7. Statistics: Allows you to apply match statistics and scores to individual players or teams

8. Player List: Shows the player list for each team and their current statistics

9. Action Log: Allows you to review a log of all actions taken so far in the match

Courtside in Action

The below video demonstrates how to score a match through Courtside: