Team App | Export Reports

GameDay now allows administrators to export fixtures & member data in CSV format for the purpose of importing directly into Team App.

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The following One Click reports are available to Association, Club & Team administrators:

  • Team App - Fixtures
  • Team App - Youth(Assoc / Club)
  • Team App - Member (Assoc / Club)

These reports can be found under:

1. Reports > Team App

2. Choose a report and Select 'Run'

3. A pop up window will appear providing admins two choices: Display or Email 

Selecting Email will allow the report to be sent as either a TAB delimited or CSV file to the specified email address which is the best format for import into Team App

4. Choose Run Report

A confirmation message will appear advising your data has been sent. This will be received into your inbox as a zip file.

Note: The selected data is based on the current season set by the association. This is an automatic process when the report is built.

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These reports are imported into Team App via your team’s website dashboard, accessed by logging in at Please view below videos for further instructions: