Team Inclusion Configuration

An improvement to the way Teams are included in ladders has recently been made, by way of the Team Inclusion Configuration option. 

Previously, a Team would not show on the ladder if it had been entered into the competition after the competition had started, this was referred to as a "Timestamps issue". 

Changing this to ''matches in round'' which provides a more accurate ladder and bases it off the matches played in the competition and adjust the ladder correctly for teams if they happen to move in/out of the competition or get added in before/after other teams. Then do a bulk ladder rebuild.

Administrators now have the ability to determine the method of inclusion. This is by way of:

Date Team Added will display the team on the ladder from the point in time it was added to the competition. 

Matches In Round will display the team on the ladder if it has a match in a given round, regardless of the date in which this team was added to the competition. 

For information on how to apply this Configuration, please see our Create a Ladder Template article

Administrators wishing to resolve a "Timestamps Issue" are advised to apply the Matches in Round option to the applied Ladder Template of the Competition and perform a Bulk Ladder Rebuild, followed by a Publish to Web