Courtside App | Demo Details for Administrators

As part of GameDay's self-service training, we are now happy to announce that basketball organisations using Courtside now have the ability for administrators to access test competitions, members and teams created by GameDay in order to be able to run games within Courtside and train new and existing administrators. This information is being made public on our support centre as well as our website, and it will be constantly kept up-to-date so administrators can use it continuously.

To find information on how to use Courtside, please click here. Courtside requires device specifications before it can be run, so please click here to check that the devices you are using are suitable.

Please see the below information regarding access to this test Courtside information:

  • Administrators will NOT have access to this demo database itself to add/edit competitions, members and teams. This is all handled by the GameDay team and will be constantly updated throughout the year. This testing information is only being made available so admins can train themselves to use Courtside before they get started for their own seasons and competitions. If administrators wish to see how the information from Courtside displays and pulls into the match results screen within the database, then they will need to create a test competition with members and teams within their own association database.
  • If games happen to be greyed out within the app, this just means that the ''time has passed'' for that game but it can still be run (e.g the game is for 9am but an administrator accesses these games at 11am).
  • We have disabled the ability for administrators to manually add their own players via the app (part of the functionality of Courtside) due to the risk that admins may put in actual person details that can affect registrations and duplicate creation of profiles. All other functionality within the app can be used freely.
  • The Courtside access details provided within the article will not change and can be used year-round.


Games are set to be two 5-minute halves; basketball games do go for a lot longer; however, as this is just to train admins, we have set the game time to be a shorter period as the functionality is pretty easy to pick up.

Admins can use any of the Court/Venue ID's as there are several games on both courts, and admins can choose to use just one or more of the umpire codes when confirming games.

Setup ID: 29362

Venue/Court ID's:

  • Venue 1: 104551
  • Venue 2: 104552

Umpire Code/s:

  • Umpire 1: 8G9QJH 
  • Umpire 2: FK8R50