Administators: How do I upload a logo for teams or my association?

Within the GameDay app administrators may see that there is no logo or the association logo is set for their association and/or teams - this will be related to the logo assigned to the association dashboard as well as the team dashboards within the organisation database.

  • If the association has no logo uploaded to their database dashboard the GameDay app will display with a default generic logo for both the association and their related teams.
  • If the association has a logo uploaded but the teams do not then the teams will have the organisations logo defaulted when viewing each of the teams. 

If your association needs to change or upload their logo or the teams would like to add their own logos, league or club admins can do this themsleves by drilling down to that team and uploading the logo, or if the team have admins that have access to the team database then they can upload this themselves by clicking here.

NOTE: logos uploaded to the database are the ones that will reflect within the GameDay app as this data pulls straight from there. If a team has a logo uploaded on the website side, this will not feed through as the website is not set to feed to the app, so will have to upload this via the database as well.