How do I log an injury report on a member's record?

GameDay Passport allows administrators to add Injury Reports directly to a member record, should there be an injury occurrence during participation for your sport.

NOTE: The configuration and availability of Injury Reporting may differ based on the sport. Please contact your peak sporting body or GameDay representative for more information on Injury Report configuration.

To apply an Injury Report:

1. On the left-hand menu, click MEMBERS > LIST MEMBERS

2. Find the member to which you want to add an Injury Report, then click the VIEW icon

3. On the left-hand menu, click Medical > INJURIES

4. Click ADD

5. Complete the Injury Report form. This section allows you to add the following information:

Injury Details

  • Date of injury
  • Time of injury
  • Location
  • Exactly how did the injury occur?
  • Tim during match that the injury was sustained
  • Injury body part
  • The nature of the injury
  • Method of removal from location
  • Mechanism of the injury
  • Has the injury occurred before?
  • Was Protective Equipment worn?
  • What type of Protective Equipment was worn?
  • Immediate care steps taken
  • Advice for follow up
  • Time off from training/playing

Emergency Care

  • Was an ambulance called?
  • Was medical clearance received?
  • Doctor's name
  • Hospital
  • Special comments
  • Sports trainer's name

6. Once you've completed all injury details, click UPDATE INJURY REPORT