Create a Fixture Template

Create a Fixture Template  Creating your own fixture template will allow you to customise how your competitions are fixtured.  To create a new fixture template:  

1. From the association 'dashboard' click on the Settings icon and select Settings.   

2. Under ‘Manage Competitions’ click on Fixture Templates.  

3. Click on the Add button to add a new fixture template.  

4. Enter the details of the fixture, ensuring that all compulsory fields (with a red star) are completed.

STEP 1  
Enter the name of the Fixture Template. Use a name that describes what type of fixture template you are creating. For example ‘5-6 Team Normal Fixture’.    

STEP 2  
Enter the number of teams for the fixture template. For example ‘6’. Note that the number entered provides the maximum team number that can be used within the template.    

STEP 3  
Enter the number of rounds in the fixture. For example ‘5’.    

STEP 4  
You then need to create the template following these rules:  

1. On the first line enter the round number, starting with the word ‘Round’ followed by the number. Exactly like this… ‘Round 1’ or ‘round 1’

2. On the second line enter the number of matches that will be in the round. Exactly like this… ‘3’

3. On the third line enter the match number, a space, then the competing team numbers separated by a ‘v’. Exactly like this… ‘1 1v6’

4. On the following lines repeat the same game format, making sure that the rounds are in numerical order and that the first match number of a round follows on from the last match number of a previous round (first match in first round must be 1). Exactly like this  ‘Round 2’ ‘3’ ‘4 2v3’ Continue this process until you have entered all the rounds and matches for your fixture.

STEP 5  

Click Update fixture template to save your changes.     

What a Fixture Template Should Look Like...   

1. The number of teams remains the same in each round and the team numbers do not fall outside of the number of team range. For example ‘1,2,3,4,5,6’

2. The number of rounds in the fixture is equal to that entered in the details of the fixture template. The rounds are entered in ascending numerical order.

3. The match numbers continue in ascending numerical order from round to round. For example if Round 1 has 3 matches then Round 2 begins with match number 4.  

Please note when you click ‘update 'fixture template’ if you have entered anything incorrectly a screen will appear saying that there are errors, which means you haven’t entered the fixture template properly. Please go back and check that you have followed these instructions.    

When you have successfully created your fixture template you will be ready to apply it to your competitions.