How do I roll-over members to a new season in bulk?

The Member Rollover function allows you to register a batch of members from one season to another.  

NOTE: This function is not available for a number of sports. Where this is the case, moving members into the new season must be done via the Online Registration Form.  

To register members in bulk into a new season:

1. Click on Members in the menu and select Member Rollover.

2. Select the 'From Season' from the drop-down list to show members from a specific season that you want to roll over.

3. Select the 'To Season' to indicate the new season that the members will be registered into.

4. Associations have the option to 'Include Club Records in Rollover'. Check this box if you want to register members to their current clubs as well as to the association.  

5. Associations also have the option to make members 'active' in their Association for the new season. To do so, check the Make selected members Active in Association during Rollover check box. Not selecting this option will register the selected members across to the new season, but their status will be 'inactive'.

6. Click on Show Members for Rollover.    

7. The list of members registered to the 'From Season' will appear. At the top of screen are the options for the Member Rollover. Make sure that these are correct. The 'To Season' is read-only from this screen. If you need to change the 'To Season', click the back button on your Internet browser to return to the previous screen.     

8. Proceed down to the list of members. Check the box at the very top of the list to automatically select all members for the rollover. You can then un-tick the boxes for any members you do not wish to include in the rollover. Alternatively, you can individually tick the box for each member that you do wish to roll over.    

9. When you have selected the required members to be rolled over into the new season, click on Update. A confirmation message will appear, informing you of the number of members that have been rolled over to the selected season.