How do I add products to an existing Registration Form?

In order to collect payments online through a Passport Registration Form, you will need to attach Products to the Registration Form.

Note: Products are created separately from the Registration Forms interface, and you will need to first have products available in your database to add to a form. Click here to learn how to create Products.

To add a Product to an existing Registration Form:

1. In the left-hand menu, open the Registrations menu and select REGISTRATION FORMS

2. Find the Registration Form, then click EDIT

3. Click the PRODUCTS tab

4. The Products tab allows you to link and make available for purchase previously created products to your registration form.

Any products that you tick in the ACTIVE column highlighted below will be displayed to members on your registration form if they are eligible to purchase that product.

The MANDATORY checkbox option will set the product as pre-selected for the member if they are eligible to purchase the product.

5. Once you've applied the relevant settings, click SAVE

Your Products will then be available for eligible members to purchase when they register through the form