How do I add members who aren't on the available list through the Courtside App?

When you are adding players to your team, you may find that some players do not appear in the list.  You can easily add them.

NOTE: your competition/s first need to be configured to allow members to be manually added. Instructions on how to do this (if not already done so) can be found here.

Click Search.

NOTE:  this functionality only works when you are online and when you have this configured for your association.

Enter the player's first and last name and date of birth to search.  When the name appears, click the green plus sign.

The new player now appears on the list of players for this game.

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at