Website Editor Options

Firstly, scroll down to the bottom of your website and click 'Site Editor'. You will then be shown the Website Editor Control Panel.

If you aren't able to access the website editor function for your Club website (either the previous editor is no longer at the Club, or the site hasn't had an editor before), then please click here. Alternatively , if your website already has a website editor, this person can authorise you as an additional website editor themselves. If you are a club, you must contact your Association for access.

The first screen you see when logging in as a Website Editor is the Website Editor Control Panel.    

The Website Editor Control Panel is the central menu of the website administration area. Each of the website’s management functions are organised into logical modules. A description of that module’s function appears underneath each heading. You can return to the control panel from anywhere within the site administration area by clicking on the ‘Website Editor Control Panel’ link in the top menu bar or by clicking on the quick menu icons (Content, Display, Settings) on the left hand side.