Post Game Screen - Desktop


The post game dashboard houses all the post - game administration including team statistcs, results entry and individual player statistics and is where the majority of the admins will spend their time after every match.

How to access and input results and statistics is outlined below:

1. Log into your passport.


3. Click into the relevant club/team admin tab.

4. Apply the relevant dates for the match/matches you need.

5. Click on the POST GAME button against the relevant match.

This post game screen will display a number of tabs where admins can input team and player statistics as well as enter any awards or match day reports.

NOTE: if you get an error within any of these tabs, it will mean the association/league has not assigned team or player statistics for these competitions so you will need to contact them directly to get this updated.

NOTE: different sports will have different statistics for teams and players so if you notice a specific team or player statistic not listed within these screens, contact your association directly who can update the templates so you can input these.


This tab is where all team match datavase will be entered for both teams. You also have the ability to input any notes related to match here.

6. Within this tab input the total team statistics for both teams and input a win/loss (or a draw or washout) result for each team. 

7. Once happy click the SAVE MATCH SCORES button to save these results.

You will get a confirmation that these results have been saved. You will also notice that the FULL TIME score display has also updated to reflect the finals scores for these teams.


Each team will have their own indivdual player scores tab where you can input the individual player statisics for players from both teams throughout that match. These players pull from the PREGAME section so if there are no players listed, please add them via PREGAME.

7. Input the player statistics for the first team, then click UPDATE PLAYER SCORES.

8. Click into the other team player scores tab and input these statistics, then click UPDATE PLAYER SCORES.

The last row will automatically tally the players statistics so make sure that matches the final match scores for both teams.

AWARDS (if enabled)

The awards tab is where admins can input the voting for the match (if the association/league has awards enabled). 

Information on how to enter awards can be found here (input link).