Report an issue

Step 1.

Firstly, check the Current Issues page to see if there are any relevant details and advice. We might already be on it!

Step 2.

If it is not a current known issue, Contact Us and provide full details. Heres some tips on what to provide:

  • The name of your association, federation, league, club
  • Contact details so we can get in touch
  • The URL (address) of the page or pages where you are experiencing a problem.
  • A step by step account of what you are doing or have done.
  • What you were expecting to occur as opposed to what has occurred.
  • Screenshots of the issue (if possible and is very helpful)
  • The error message
  • If it is an issue with a payment - provide the first 6 last 3 digits on the credit card used.

Important: Fixtures, scores, ladders, player stats and other website content is managed by associations, federations, leagues and clubs. If you feel that something is not accurate or up-to-date, please contact the relevant organisation for that competition.