How do I add a link to Member Records to a Report?

Quick links in reporting

League and club administrators now have the ability to add a field when reporting that enables them to quickly view a members profile without having to exit the report. This field products a hyperlink to the members record (opens in a new tab).

Note: including this field will cause a slighlty lower run time to generate the report so please be patient. The hyperlink will also expire after around 30mins and if this report is exported, the user will need to be logged into the database to access this member profile via the quick link.

The report is only available for the following reports:

  • Advanced Member
  • Advanced Transfers
  • Advanced Tribunal 
  • Player Competition Stats

1. Log into the club or league database

2. Reports 

3. Select configure on the relevant report

4. The quick links field is located under the personal details tab - drag and drop to add it to the report

5. Add in any other fields needed for the report

6. Run report

7. The quicks links field will show as below

When you click on this field it will open the member profile in another tab on your browser.