How do I modify the sorting/grouping options on a Report?

Administrators have a number of Report Options available as to how a Report will be displayed on screen. These are as follows:


Unique Records Only: Will only display Unique records, to avoid duplicate results.

Summary Data: Will list totals (or "Count") for data generated on selected fields. 

All Records: Will list all data, including any duplicate results. 

Sort By

The Sort By option, will allow administrators to sort by a selected field in either ascending or descending order. E.g. Family Name, Age, DOB. 

Secondary Sort By 

The Secondary Sort By option allows administrators to apply a second sort order preference to a selected field in ascending or descending order. For example, the primary sort order may be Family Name may be Team Name. 

Group By

The Group By option allows administrators to group data by a selected field. E.g. Age Group, Team Name, Competition Name.