Media Library | Overview

The below information explains different section of the websites Media Library. 

Create a new Album/Photo Gallery

Please click Media Library and follow these simple steps. 

Images and files must belong to an album. If you upload an image/file without assigning it to an album, it will be stored in a default album called ‘unsorted‘.  

1.Click Media Library, then click on Add New Album at the bottom of screen.  

2. Enter the details of the album - the ‘public‘ option allows you to select whether or not to show the album on your website- if you want people who visit your website to view the photos within this album then this needs to be ticked.  

3. Click on Update.  The new album will appear in the list of albums in the Media Library.

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Add Photo Gallery to the Website

1. Click Media Library and then tick the Public checkbox corresponding to the Album you wish to display as a gallery on the Photo Gallery page of your website. If this is the first time you are making an album public, then a Photo Gallery page will automatically be created.

Note: You are not required to press anything for this tick to take effect. Once you have ticked a checkbox, simply click 'Website Editor Control Panel' to return to the main screen.  

2. In the Content Manager, go to the Photo Gallery page and click Active.  

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Upload Media

File types supported by the Media Library include:  

Images: jpeg, gif, bmp and png file format.
Files: doc, pdf, xls, ppt.      

1. Click Site Editor at the bottom of your website. 

2. Click Media Library and then Upload New Media. 

3. To upload new files click on Add Files 

4. Locate and select the files you wish to upload (to select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard) 

The selected file or files will appear in a list in the upload queue.  You can select which album the file/files are uploaded to by choosing from the Upload into Album drop list.  

5. Click Start upload to begin uploading the files.

6. Once the files have been uploaded, click on Continue >  

The files will appear in the Uploaded files area.  

Here you are able to edit the file details.  

7. Save any changed you make by clicking the Update button.

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Arrange the Order of Photos

Once you have clicked on Media Library please follow these simple steps.  

1. Click on the Arrange option of the Album you wish to re-order photos for.  

3. You can then change the order of the photos by clicking on an image, and dragging and dropping into the desired location.  

4. Click on Update Order to save changes.

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View a Photo Album from the Website    

1. To view a photo album and its contents go to a Sportzware Website and click on the Photo Gallery in the menu.       .

2. The list of public galleries will appear. Click on a Gallery to open it.      

The gallery window will open. The numbers describe the various functions.  

1.Click on the Arrows to navigate to the next/ previous photo.

2.Click on a Thumbnail to view the full image.

3.Click on Next/ Previous to view thumbnails for the next 9 photos.

4.Click on Return to Galleries to return to the Standard Website Photo Gallery page.

5.Click onHome to return to the Standard Website home page.  

This is where you can view the images and files in a gallery and add details about those images/files.  

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Edit an Existing Album's Details  

This is where you can change the name of an album, set the order in which it appears, and choose whether or not to make it public.  

From the Media Library, click on Album Details corresponding to the Album you wish to edit.  

Edit the details of the album (the ‘public‘ option allows you to select whether or not to show the album on your website).  

Click on Update.

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Change the order of Albums appearing on the Website

From the Media Library, you can sort your albums by dragging and dropping them using the arrow-heads to the left of the thumbnail image, as shown in the example below. This will order the Albums that will appear on the Photo Gallery page of your website. 

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Adding Images/Files to pages

You can utilise the Media Gallery to upload photos/files to any page that allows photos/images, such as a News Section, Full Page, or Profile Section. A News Section has been used in the following example.  

To add images/files to a page on your website:  

1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Content Manager. 

2. Right click on the News section and click on Edit from the menu.    

3. Select a news article from the list and click on Edit Item.    

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you reach the ‘Select Media‘ area.

5. You have two options for adding an image/file to the news item. Either select an existing image/file from the Media Gallery, or upload a new image/file from your computer.    

6. To add an existing image/file, click on Insert File/Images from Gallery.

A pop up window will appear. Click on the Choose Album drop down list and select the album to retrieve an image/file from.    

b. The images/files from within that gallery will appear. Select the image/file you want to add to the news article and click on OK.    

c. To select multiple images/files, click on Insert File/Images from Gallery again toselect another image/file.

d. After selecting another image/file, you will be returned to the News Article editing screen, where a preview of the image(s)/file(s) will appear.    

e. You can remove or change these images/files by clicking on the blue Del/Edit link above each image/file.

f. Click on Save when you have finished adding images/files to the article.

g. Alternately, should you wish to upload an image/file directly from your computer, click on Browse.

h. Windows Explorer will open. Locate the image/file you wish to use and click onOpen.    

i. You will be returned to the News Article editing screen. Click on Save to upload the image/file to the article. 

This process applies for all website sections that allow you to add images/files.

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 View and Edit Images/Files

1. From the Media Gallery, click on Contents corresponding to the album containing the photos/files you wish to edit, or click on Continue after uploading files from the ‘Upload New Media‘ screen. 

2. You will see the ‘Uploaded Files‘ screen for that album, which shows all the images/files contained within that gallery.  

  • Image Details: allows you to add the image name, source, keywords and description.
  • Album: allocate the image to a album, or in the text box below, enter the name of a new album. The default gallery will be ‘Unsorted‘. 
  • Description: allows you to provide a description of the photo.
  • Rotate: allows you to rotate the image.
  • Crop thumbnail: crop the image thumbnail (not the image itself).
  • Delete the image.

3. Enter the information and click on Update to save changes.   

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