Custom Fields | Overview

What is a Custom Field?

A Custom Field refers to any piece of information you want to collect and store on your members that do not already exist as Standard Fields within the Passport database. 

A custom field can be added to your registration forms or created as a database-only field that appears as an option when viewing a Member Record through Passport.

Types of Fields

Fields in Passport can be defined broadly in three different categories. You can see a complete list of all fields in your database in the Field Configuration page.:

1. Standard Fields: These are hardcoded fields already available within the system that cannot be changed, and are commonly used across all sports and organisations. For example; Name, Date of Birth and Email Address are among the many Standard Fields available to use by all organisations.

2. Custom Fields: A field set up at Association or League-level through the custom field creation feature.

3. Unlimited Custom Fields (UCF): A field set up by a governing body or club-level administrator through the UCF creation feature.

Custom Fields List

To access your Custom Fields List from an Association or League-level database:

1. Click the Settings Cog > SETTINGS


Your Custom Fields List will show you a list of used and available spaces for:

  • Member Fields: Fields that can be added to member records or added to member registration forms.
  • Club Fields: Fields that can be added to club records.
  • Team Fields: Fields that can be added to team records or added to team registration forms.

Custom Fields can be added in pre-defined and limited spaces, each of which is defined by one of the below field formats:

  • Custom Text Fields: Allow the entry of text information
  • Custom Number Fields: Allow the entry of numerical values
  • Custom Date Fields: Allow the entry of a specific date
  • Custom Lookup Fields: Allow the creation of drop-down lists from which an option can be selected
  • Custom Checkbox Fields: Allow the creation of a single check box which can be selected (ticked) or left blank
  • Custom Member Notes: Allow the entry of text information over several lines (only available for member records) 

Unlimited Custom Fields List

To access your Unlimited Custom Fields List from a Governing Body or Club-level database, click the Settings Cog > UNLIMITED CF

Your Unlimited Custom Fields list displays any fields you have created, including:

  • Field Name
  • Field Level: Denotes whether the field relates to Members, Clubs or Teams
  • Field Category
  • Active Status

For more information on processes relevant to Custom Fields, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.