How do I send an SMS to my participants?

Before you can send an SMS message through Communicator you must firstly:  

1. Create an SMS Sender Account and purchase credits

2. Follow the steps to send a message.

2. Click on SMS on the 'Confirm Recipients' screen.

2. The 'Compose Message' screen will open. Type the message to be sent to recipients into the Message field.    

There is a 140 character limit for SMS messages. As you type, the 'counter' below the message field will show the number of characters you have remaining.    

Important: SMS credits are not refundable, so please make sure these are being sent to the relevant members and the message is clear and correct. Click here to read the Gameday SMS Terms and Conditions.

3. Enter your association/ club/ team's SMS Password in the SMS Password field.    

4. Select the type of message you want to send it as.

5. When ready to send, click on Send Message.    

6. A message will appear confirming that the SMS message has been sent and the number of recipients it has been sent to.