Reports | Overview

GameDay Passport's Reports module allows administrators to develop, customise and save custom reports pertaining to any source of information within the database.

The Reports page provides numerous different reports, each of which is designed to return data results based on a specific source, with the option to include vast amounts of supporting information in a table format. For example, the Advanced Member Report will only look at member records and will provide all the fields that are associated with a member record, such as name, date of birth, products purchased, their affiliated club or association, custom fields answered and many more.

Reports List

To access your Reports List, click REPORTS in the left-hand menu:

Types of Reports

Reports are generated in one of two ways:

  • Quick Reports: Pre-configured reports related to a specific data source that contain a fixed table of information. You can identify Quick Reports by the Run button that is used to generate the report.

  • Custom Reports: Allows you to build your own report using Passport's report builder tool, which includes the ability to choose, order, sort, filter and group specific fields from your database. Custom Reports can also be saved so that you can quickly generate the report at a later date. You can identify a Custom Report by the Configure button that is used to open the report builder.

You can also choose from a list of categories along the left-hand side to guide you in your search for the report you're looking for:

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