Pre Game Screen - Mobile

The PRE GAME dashboard

The PRE GAME screen for matches is where you add in players that are playing for that particular match, these players will be added to the team sheet for that match where you can print this off.

In this screen you have a list of available players within your club where you then go and select the relevant players who will be playing that match. How to add these players to this list is outlined below.

We recommend using Google Chrome as it is a more stable browser.

1. Log into your Passport account.


3. Click into the relevant team/club tab.

4. Apply the relevant date filters for the match you need to access.

You can also filter by a specific season, competition etc. To do so click the FILTER MATCHES button.

NOTE: after you have applied the relevant date filter, if you are club or team admin and cannot see any matches listed here, it may mean your association/league has hidden or not allowed teams/clubs to input results, so please speak to them directly to change this.

NOTE: after you have applied the relevant date filter, if you are an association/league admin and you cannot see any matches here, please check to make sure you haven't hidden these matches.

5. Click the PRE GAME button against the relevant match.

This pre game dashboard is where you can select the relevant players for this particular match. If you are a team/club admin you will most likely only see your club/team tab, however if you are a association/league admin you will be able to see both team tabs.


Each team will have their own tab, where you can select the players needed for a match (click on the relevant tab for the relevant team players).

The first tab is the AVAILABLE PLAYERS list. This is a list of all the players within your club who are registered for this season.

You can select a varitey of filters here to narrow down who appears within this available players list. You can adjust this via clicking the drop down arrow against the FILTER icon.

You can select from:

  • Show all club players - this will list every player within your club who is registered for the season.
  • Show players registered to this team only - this will list the players that have been assigned to this team via the modify team list functionality.
  • Show players to this age group - if your league/association has a particular age rang set for the competition this match is in then those that classify within that age range will show.
  • Show all financial club players for competition season - if your association/league uses the ''financial filter'' setting then you can see who within your club is financial to select from.
  • Show all players unassigned - this will list all the players within your club that are not currently assigned to a team.

6. Scroll or use the search bar to find a player.

Under the name of the player, it will show their date of birth and if your sport uses ''national numbers'' then this will appear against their name as well.

NOTE: if you are unable to find a player within this list, it may mean they are not registered correctly at the club or association/league level so check their record, or they do not classify within the DOB range the league/association has set. Please contact them directly if you have any issues with finding players.

7. Once you have a player, click the ADD icon against their names to assign them to the SELECTED PLAYERS list.


The selected players list is the list of players that you have selected for this particular match either via searching and adding in the player or using the auto select players function.

The player auto select functionality allows you to automatically select players to add to this list rather than having you search each time for players. This functionality can only be used if players have been assigned to this team (via modify team list) or if they have been assigned in a previous match within the same competition (so at least one round is needed to have been played).

8. Once players have been added to the selected player list by add or auto select, input the relevant player numbers and positions (if available). 

If you need to remove a player from the selected players list, just click the MINUS icon against their name.

9. Once happy with the team selection, click SAVE TEAM SELECTION.

This will save the players you have selected, who will now appear on the team sheet when you go to view and print this off.

You can add and remove players at any time before the match, just click the add or remove button accordindly and make sure you save the selection each time.

Repeat or any other matches. You can assign players to matches for however many games in advance if you wish, or just week by week.