How do I export a Report?

Administrators have the ability to Export Reports via .TXT or .CSV via email directly to their inbox.

CSV exports allow administrators to manipulate reports in Excel, for greater flexibility.

To Export a Report, please see the following steps:

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

 - Access the Reports Tab

 - Build your desired report

 - In the Report Output area, select the Email bubble and choose your desired output format e.g. TXT or CSV

 - Enter the email address/s you would like to export the report to. Multiple email addresses can be entered, separated by a comma e.g.,

 - Select the Run Report button

 - Your report will open in a new window informing you the data has been exported via email

 - Your report will then arrive in your email inbox