Players Assigned to Teams

Players Assigned to Teams Report

League and Club administrators have the ability to report on the number of players assigned to each of the teams in the current competition season. This report allows admins to see how many players are missing from the miniumum amount of players required for a team

The default amount of players is set to 5, however this can be adjust when running the report. This is a one-click report, which means that fields in the report are prefined and cannot be changed.

The report also lists the contact person with their mobile and email for the team so the admin can easier find the contact information for the team manager to let them know that they are missing players.

1. Log into association/club database

2. Reports > competitions > PLAYER ASSIGNED TO COMPETITION report > run

3. Select the miniumum amoun of players needed for the team (if more than 5)

4. Select the competition season (e.g current season) > run report