Player Statistics Report

Player Statistics Reprt

If you are wanting to run a report to get specific statistics on players you can run a player competition statistics report. If the report is run at association/league level it will include all players within all clubs within that specific association/league, and if this run at club level, it will only display those statistics for the player within that club in that specific league/association.

If players/admins are wanting to get statistics for players across their whole career (if a player has been in more than one league/club) you will need to contact your relevant state body who will be able to run this report to get an overall view. Information on state contacts can be found here:

Note: the statistics within this report will vary based on each sport, so AFL will have different statisitcs listed than those within Basketball.

1. Log into your database

2. Go to Reports > Competition 

3. Select the Player Competition Statistics report

4. Drag accross the generic following fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Season - you can leave this field blank to get statistics across the whole season or filter this to a specific season - if you wanted to report on the 2020 season you woild filter this field to EQUALS and then select the 2020 season.

5. Within the statistics tab you have a variety of fields to choose from, so select the statistics that you need. Just click the blue add button against these fields to add them onto the report.

Note: these stats will vary depending on your sport.

6. Run report

Note: if some fields are blank this will mean that your association/sport has not included these in their statistics template, so please contact them directly if you have an questions regarding this.