Quick Report | Venue Attendance

As easing of restrictions around COVID- 19 is allowing sports to continue with their seasons, administrators may need to report on the individuals and the venues that have been played at during a specific data range to assist with contact tracing.

To help with this, we have developed an easy one-click report that allows an administrator to report on the venues, individuals and contact details of those individuals so admins can easily obtain a contact list for those participants.

NOTE: this report is only available at the league/association level. So if you are club that needs access to this data, please contact your league/association admin to get this information.

This report includes:

  • Season
  • Venue
  • Match time/date
  • Contact information of players (including those of parents/guardians)
  • Contact information of non-playing staff (if assigned)
  • contact information of match officials (if assigned)

NOTE: if fields within this report are blank this means that no information was filled out for these members within the member profile or via the registration form, so you may need to find another way to contact these members.

To run this report:

1. Log into the association/league database

2. Reports > Competition Reports > VENUE ATTENDANCE > Run

3. Input the date range you need to run this information for

4. Select the specific venue

If you have multiple venues that are affected, this report will need to be run separately for each venue

5. Click DISPLAY > RUN REPORT if you want this report to display in a new tab, otherwise feel free to email it to yourself - change this to EMAIL > CSV > input your email address > RUN REPORT