How do I view a team dashboard in the GameDay App?


The team home is where you can view the team schedule, ladder and statistics related to this team within the relevant competition.

You can edit the name of the the team by clicking the edit (Star) icon.

You can see when the team's next upcoming match is. This will be blank if the next week's fixture has not been made public by the competition administrator or the season has finished.

The SCHEDULE tab displays the fixture for the season for the team itself within the competition, as well as the fixture for the competition as a whole.

You can view the ladder for the competition from the LADDER tab.

If you rotate your mobile device you will be able to see more ladder values.

You can also view the individual statistics for each member of the team throghout the season.

Statistics may or may not be listed here, depending on whether the competition administrators record this type of information. If you wish to be removed from a team list (so you're information is not visible on the website or the app) then please contat your administrator who can publicly hide your record. 

If you see statistics are incorrect for you or your family member, please speak to the competition administrators directly who can check and update.

To unfollow the team, click the unfollow icon (Orange Star) in the top right hand corner.