How do I set up Conditional Product rules on my Registration Form?

Conditional products allows admins to display a specific product when an question or field is filled in within the registration form. These can be used to display specific products based on discount codes or other specific questions needing to be answered within the form. Admins use this process when the price of a product for certain members will be different to the price for general members.

You can use conditional products for a variety of fields, like text fields, lookup fields and number fields.

If you wish to use conditional products for fields related to discounts, please click here.

NOTE: if you cannot see the conditional products tab within your registration forms, it means your association or national or state sporting body has not got this enabled so you will need to speak to them directly to get this enabled.

In this example national representative players are offered a lower price when registering to the club while general members pay the full price.

1. You will need to create two different products, one product that has the full price that general members will be charged as well as a product that representative members will pay that has a lower price. Once created add these products as active and mandatory to the registration form.

2. You will need to create a custom field to be answered within the registration form so that these products can appeared depending on the answer.

NOTE: only associations or states can set up these custom fields, so if you are a club please contact your association to get these fields set up to which you can then configure on your registration form.

In this example, we will need to create the following custom lookup field:

- Are you a national representative player? - which will have YES or NO as the options.

2a. Log into the association database.

2b. Go to the settings cog > settings.

2c. Click on CUSTOM FIELDS.

2d. Add in the question

- Are you a national representative player? will be set up as a Lookup field, so add this wording into one of the lookup fields and click manage to add the yes and no options.

2e. Update custom fields.

3. You will then need to configure this field to display on the registration form:

3a. Edit the relevant registration form.

3b. Click on the FIELDS tab within the form.

3c. Scroll down the list to find the fields you just created - it will be towards the bottom of the list - you can use crtl and F to find these fields.

3d. Against the relevant field, change this to COMPULSORY (as you want to make sure members answer this question).

3e. Click save.

4.  You will now need to configure the relevant products to show based on the answer of this question. 

You will need to configure the national rep product to show when YES is selected and hide the member fee when YES is selected. You don't need to show/hide for when selecting NO as the form will already know what to show based on what you set for yes.

4a. Click on the CONDITIONAL PRODUCTS tab > add conditional products

4b. Select Are you a national representative player? for the control field.

4c. Select YES as the value.

4d. Select SHOW.

4e. Select the national rep player product

4f. Save.

4g. Add another conditional product.

4h. Select Are you a national representative player? for the control field.

4i. Select YES for the value.

4j. Select HIDE.

4k. Select the member fee product.

4l. Save.

You have now configured the form to only show the national representative fee when a member selects YES for the question and based on that, the general member fee will now display for those members who select no.

How it displays in the form when selecting yes:

How it displays in the form when selecting no: