How do I create a Course?


GameDay Passport's Courses functionality allows administrators to manage the registration, management and reporting of course accreditations through their database.

This caters for your organisation to offer registrations for specific qualifications or accreditations that are tied into the management and governance of your sport.

Note: We currently offer a direct integration with etrainu. For more information on setting this up for your sport, click here


Step 1: Access the Courses Section

In your left-hand menu, click COURSES

Step 2: Add a New Course

Click ADD to begin the course creation process.

Step 3: Select a Course Template

Select the Course Template for the course you wish to create.

Note: If the required course template is not available, contact your governing body. They may need to accredit your organisation to run this course type.

Step 4: Enter the Course Details

Complete any relevant information as below:

Note: If you have entered any of the same information on your selected Course Template, it will be pre-populated here

Course Details

  • Course Name: Assign a name to the course
  • Course Details: Add any additional notes about the course
  • Active?: Toggle the course's active status on or off
  • Location Type: Choose the type of location you want to attribute to the course. This will determine from which area of your database the location's can be selected
  • Location: Select the applicable location that the course will be held

Age Details

  • Youngest/Oldest Suggested Age: Applies a guideline for administrators to understand the recommended age group of participants
  • Oldest DOB: Restricts participants from registering to the course if their date of birth is before this date
  • Allow Oldest DOB Exceptions: Toggling this option on overrides the Oldest DOB rule
  • Youngest DOB: Restricts participants from registering to the course if their date of birth is after this date
  • Allow Youngest DOB Exceptions: Toggling this option on overrides the Youngest DOB rule

Gender Details

  • Gender: Choose whether the course allows registrations for all genders (mixed) or whether it is available to Male-only or Female-only

Session Details

  • Start Date/Time: Set the date and time at which the course will begin
  • End Date: Set the date on which the course will finish
  • Capacity: Set a registration capacity for the course. Once this number of registrations into the course is reached, the registration form will stop accepting registrations
  • Duration: Define the duration of the course/session

Days Run

  • Select one or more days on which the course will run (if applicable)

Step 5: Create the Course

Review all fields and settings to ensure accuracy, then click CREATE COURSE to finalise and publish the course.

Step 6: Access the Front-End Registration Form Link

You can then find the front-end registration form link by clicking the REGISTER button on your Course List

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