Football: Across Association Clash Resolution

Administrators who manage more than one Competition in separate databases, For example State League and NPL, now have the ability to Link Venue's, across Associations allowing for Clash Resolution to occur across Associations.

This is particularly applicable to Venues of the same name, which sit in different databases. 

As Venues are given a unique ID, regardless of Venue name, each time they are created, we will need to link the Venue's that you are using across associations, in order to perform the Clash Resolution.

To Link two Venues together, please complete following steps:

  1. Select Venues, under the Competitions Tab 
  2. Open the Venue you wish to link to another of the same name. 
  3. Copy the Venue ID
  1. Open the second database you manage, and access the Venue you wish to Link, Once you have located the Venue, Paste the Venue ID into the Linked Venue ID field.
  1. Repeat steps 1-4, using the Venue ID of your second database, to complete the Link. 

To resolve a Clash across Associations, please see the following:

  1. Locate Clash Resolution, found under the Competitions Tab
  1. Locate your Clash from the drop-down menu. 
  1. Select the Clash, to highlight the Clash across Association. 
  1. Please note that Clashes can only be rectified via the Association the match exists in. 
  1. Once you select the clash from the Association the match exists in (in this case FNSW – NPL) the clash game from FNSW – Competitions will appear.  You can then change the venue or date or time of the game to resolve the clash
  1. Check the availability and then confirm the change
  1. Save the changes and then refresh the page